Hawaiian Shave Ice
                 Regular Flavors
Apple Lemon Lime
Banana Lime
Black Cherry Mango
Blue Raspberry Orange
Blue Hawaii Peach
Boysenberry Pineapple
Bubble Gum Pink Champagne
Cherry Cola Pink Lemon Sour                      
Coconut Red Raspberry
Cola Root Beer
Cotton Candy Strawberry
French Vanilla Suicide
Grape Tamarindo
Guava Tigers Blood
Hawaiian Punch Tutti Frutti   
Kiwi Watermelon  
Lemon Wild Cherry


Exotic Flavors Sweet Cream Flavors
Banana Colada Banana Cream Pie
Banana Daiquiri Creamsicle
Margarita Peaches & Cream
Pina Colada Raspberries & Cream
Pineapple Daiquiri Strawberries & Cream
Raspberry Colada Root Beer Float
Strawberry Colada
Strawberry Daiquiri
Real Fruit Smoothies

Our real fruit smoothies are a delicious and healthy alternative to soft drinks or fast food. 

Combine our wide array of fat-free fruit purees to our ice cream or non-fat yogurt to make the perfect smoothie for a snack, dessert, or meal replacement.

Our promise: the freshest fruit smoothies.

With 100% all natural ingredients in every serving; the taste is as fresh as the day that the fruit was picked.

                        Smoothie flavors




                        Pina Colada